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  • DT-25 $ 198.00

    Home Energy Check


    The Home Energy Check is a state of the art power measuring device. It is a simple way to determine the cost of energy consumed. 230V, 50 Hz, 13Amps, ...

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  • ELNET_GR $ 1,388.00

    ElNet GR - Energy & Power Analyzer


    Multi functional three-phase Power and Energy Miltimeter Measures Power: Active Reactive Apparent. Measures Power Quality, Malfunctions and ...

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  • ELNET_LT $ 488.00

    ElNet LT - Multimeter


  • ELNET_LTC $ 398.00

    ElNet LTC - Power Factor Controller


    All ElNet LT features plus: Built in power factor controller Switching up to 6 stages of capacitor banks Auto detection capacitors size Real time ...

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  • ELNET_MC $ 1,388.00

    ElNet MC


    MUulti channel energy meter, up to 12 sets of three phase energy meters, built in powermeter, simple operated menus, 1600 samples per cycle, DIN Rail ...

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  • ELNET_PFC $ 158.00

    ElNet PFC


    Power Factor Controller with THD, current and voltage protections with build in 6 stahes. Powermeter with graphi display for electrical measurements. ...

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  • ELNET_TXT $ 688.00



    Multi functional Six-phase Power and Energy Miltimeter Measures Power: Active Reactive Apparent. Measures Power Quality and Malfunctions. Shows ...

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  • ELNET_VIP $ 188.00

    ElNet VIP Multimeter


    Multi measurement, three-phase Multimeter. Peaks recording. User friendly, easy to operate and install. International standards. Low cost, reduces ...

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  • ELNET_VIP Ask Us

    ElNet VIP


    Powermeter with back light LCD for electrical measurements of voltage, current, frequency, power, power factor and peak measuremtns panel mounted 96 ...

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